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We are living in a technology age and today we can find a dedicated app for every business niche.  The concept of mobile healthcare app development is on rise. As per survey findings of Healthcare economics, around 45% of healthcare professionals will launch their apps within a period of 1-2 years.  If reports are to be believed around 83% of healthcare professionals will have their healthcare apps launched by year 2016. 

Mobile health app development supported by trend towards a healthy lifestyle  
If you look at the app stores like Google Play and Apple AppStore, you can see several healthcare apps popular with the smartphone users. Some of the health app categories worth mentioning are Exercise, Weight Loss, Smoking, Hypertension, Cholesterol and Diabetes Mellitus.   These apps are popular because people have recognized benefits of healthier lifestyle.

Research has proved medical apps are effective when used in an integrated health program.  For examples, text messages are effective in boosting patient’s compliance with smoking cessation and use of antiretroviral medication regimes.

The healthcare industry’s primary focus is to use healthcare apps to address smoking, weight loss, healthy eating, blood glucose, regular physical activity, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.  The American Heart Association has said consumer health informatics tools are effective in bringing behavioral changes related to healthier eating, physical activity and exercise. These health informatics tools also have positive impact on adherence, knowledge, and self-management.  The mobile health apps are useful in remote monitoring, patient clinical communication, and self-management of disease. 

 Intelligent and interactive features demanded by healthcare app users 
 Healthcare apps offers several benefits to the users such as research for medications, healthcare service providers, manage healthcare plans through their mobiles and tablets. Majority of the medical app users use apps to retrieve information.    In a survey conducted by Information Week, 58% of the respondents mentioned they want to use medical apps to manage their disease and medication.  A large number of respondents mentioned they want the medical apps to be more intelligent and interactive. These apps should be capable of analyzing logged information and provide feedback.  

CHIC, a medical body has mentioned that people use medical apps not because they are handy and innovative. In fact the rise of mobile apps is due to the fact that people are looking for simple ways to manage their health related issues. 

How medical apps help in medication adherence? 
Mobile medical solutions are of great help in medication adherence.   According to windows mobile app development company, health apps can   record medications and help you set daily reminders for medications at regular time intervals which include daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules.  It can also record medication consumption's and enable retail pharmacy refills.  As per Windows mobile app development professionals such apps also have features to record prescription and pharmacy information thus doing away the need to maintain paper based records about your medicine intakes. 

There is no doubt medical apps provides several benefits to the society. As we get busy with our lives, we tend to overlook benefits of healthier lifestyle which leads to weaker and diseased body. The medical apps are like gentle reminders that encourage us to lead a healthier lifestyle.


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